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Here I am at the end of a seven year cycle that began with my move from Portland to Redlands in 2005, that encompasses my own Practitioner Studies and spiritual path.  I am come to the place where I am now a Teacher Assistant for Practitioner Studies,  an usher for others to begin that path while continuing to deepen my own awareness of the oneness of all Life!  It is the seed year in the seven year cycle and I am the seed, with all that implies about endings and beginnings.  I’ve had several dreams about a key: finding the key, losing the key, looking for the key.  What if the key was never lost?  What if it was within me and all the doors that I thought were locked swung open without hesitation at my barest touch?  Then I step forward into the next phase of my path and feel the breeze on my face!


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Fearlessly Singing   1 comment

Last night I heard a wonderful talk by Practitioner Cindy Long about March Gladness!  I found myself strangely moved.  How often do we think about just being, just being present, just being glad?  She asked us to imagine ourselves lying in bed hearing that first bird that sings in the morning as we wake.  That moment, that fresh first moment of infinite potential, that is the place that I want to linger in.  It is ever available to me I know.  On the same day I was introduced to Tina Turner’s new CD “Beyond.”  She expresses something similar: “Singing takes us beyond…”  Whether that singing is the bird outside my window greeting the morning with enthusiasm and joy or myself humming a tune as I walk, or hearing some musical phrase familiar yet new, this singing is important.  What does it mean to find our voice?  I think it might be “singing” – what sings within us – it might be that gift or talent that wants to emerge, that is always tugging at us.  Whatever it is that we’re here to share.  Tina Turner in “Beyond” invites us to move beyond fear.  Fearlessness is where I want to live.  Fearlessly Singing! Here is a link to “Beyond”

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So this is it!   Leave a comment

On the eve of my 55th birthday I am starting a blog.  Why? you might ask.  I think it is because words and writing have always meant so much to me.  I admired Anais Nin and her diaries as a teenager and have always kept journals, collaging poetry with images and bringing to life on the page a commentary of sorts about who I was and what I experienced.  This blog simply brings me flash forward into the now as I sit at my computer and we will see where it takes me.

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